Saturday, July 16, 2011


Okay, so as most of you know, I happen to be obsessed with music. Right now, 90s music AND pop culture is my go-to. I've gone through an Aerosmith phase, a Hannah Montana phase, a jazz phase, a 60s phase, and so on. I still like that music (except for Hannah Montana-yuck.). I just have a new favorite. Here's the amazing (sarcasm on amazing) story on how I discovered grunge, alternative, and how epic they are.

It was a cold winter's day around Christmas time in Mr. Zigler's boring computer class. *yawn*. We never did much of anything in there. Not anything important, anyways. Unless we were given something to do (which very seldom occurred),  we were free to roam the un-blocked websites of the internet. I'm glad they block porn in school, because almost every immature hick in my class would have been looking at that. Eww. Anyways, I was doing my usual, scouring the internet for something decent to waste my time with, with one of my best friends, Autumn, by my side. We had somehow decided to look at fashion websites, like Teen Vogue and Seventeen Magazine. "Hey," I said to Autumn, who was looking at the newest designer wedding gowns out of a mixture between pure boredom and longing to own something so beautiful. "Look at this. It says, '90s Grunge Back-in Style!" I pause momentarily, pondering to see if I already know the definition of 'grunge'. I didn't. "What does grunge mean?" I ask, curiosity pouring out of me. "I don't know," she replied, obviously somewhat curious as well. "Why don't you Google it?" Ah, Google. The holy grail of all search engines. It was sure to hold my answer. "Okay," I mumbled, as for some odd reason, the class had fallen into an awkward silence. I typed in the domain name. After only a second or so, the search engine had finished loading. Much improved from the ancient computers with dial-up. These new ones were much better. I typed in the letters, one by one. g-r-u-n-g-e. I clicked 'search'. All I saw was music stuff, and at the moment, I was only interested in what Teen Vogue had been talking about, which was the fashion. So I typed in 'fashion' after 'grunge'. I looked at the images, and I was shocked. I loved it! It was the kind of clothing I had always liked, but could not ever find a name for. "Look, Autumn!" I say excitedly, breaking the awkward silence. "Huh? Oh, is that that grunge thing?" she asks, as I reply with a simple yes. Wow, I thought. Now I could go back and look at the music. After all, I figured that the fashion was most likely inspired by the music, and not the other way around. If the clothing is so awesome, I thought, then I bet the music is even greater. I was right. I developed a deep passion for bands such as Nirvana (my favorite), Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam. And those bands led me to more bands, like Sonic Youth, Foo Fighters, The Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Alice in Chains, and Candlebox. The obsession had officially begun.


  1. It's weird that you're about to start high school and you like the exact same stuff I liked when I was in h.s. like 16 years ago :D